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Around 3 weeks ago the British theatre group „Theatre at school“ came to our own school. Over 200 students watched the all English play „Game on!“. The actors were very expressive and the host „Ed“, who’s real name is Jack, was a very interesting character. Very loud and exciting, he grabbed the audience´s attention with every word. He always had a comeback to an audience member´s comment.

Great improvisational skill, his partner was also quite good with her acting. The plot was about the main character being addicted to the popular videogame „Fortnite“. The main
character begins struggling in school because she spent all night playing Fortnite. Showing some of the effects of the addiction, falling asleep in class, being disorganised, and snapping at her friend Ed. Later in the plot she gets trapped inside the game, where she has to win the game to escape with the help of Ed. She ends up escaping and stops playing the game.

The message of the play is clear, the bad affects of addiction. It should be made clear while videogames was the example, addiction takes many forms. Anything that is done to an unhealthy amount is an addiction. In the story you can see Ed cares about the main character. He initially is using a harsh tone but that’s because she doesn’t listen to normal reasoning. Later he offers to help her when she’s stuck. An important way to battle addiction is to show understanding for the person and not shame them.

I asked some students what they all thought of the play, the overwhelming answers were very positive. People loved this play, and are hoping the school does more stuff like this. The acting was good, the story was good, and overall the play was good. It was a good simple play for children to follow.

To find Theatre-at-school´s other shows follow them on instagram @theatre_at_school.

Text: Christian R. (8b)
Fotos: Theatre-at-school